Skyvision Technology Co. Ltd
Skyvision Professional Digital Photo Frame, Advertising Machine Manufacturers

Research and development, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises

Skyvision Technology Co. Ltd. founded as in 1994. It is production, sales, high technology's company, Company has huge R&D and after service support capacity. The company in 2001 founded a 2800 Squara meter factory in NanPin district of ZhuHai, and In 2005 founded a R&D in NanShan industral park, In 2006 founded a after service center in FuYong town, BoAn district, ShenZhen city of China. In 2004 the number of workers more than 3000 include 100 manager, 30 technologist, and 30 salesmen, more than 2000 production workers, with the international advanced level of SMT, has placement machine 18 sets, reflow sol...

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Skyvision digital photo frameSkyvision photo frame manufacturerSkyvision AD player manufacturer such as high-tech enterprises.


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